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Viktória Majzik
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My real name is Viki, so you can call me that if you want. I’m drawing since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand. I never studied in an art school, and I never attended to any course, I always tried to discover and learn things myself. I love playing games and watching moovies, they always inspired me. To tell the truth, I’m not really a calm person, I often feel while drawing like a bloodthursty aligator trying to embroider. I often throw my works away yelling, yet I always crawl back crying to my preciouses.

My biggest desire is to have drawing as my job. As a kid I was dreaming that once I will be animating. Even if that only remains just a dream, I’ll still be able to make comics. If you are interrested, here is a link and a short description.



Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 3:31 PM

I should be ashamed of myself because I didn’t write anything for a month. Maybe I would write more if my english would be better, but it’s also often question for me, that what should I write about. In fact I would be able to write about things, it’s just always a dilemma what I would be able to talk about properly. I think I’m thinking too much...

I spend most of my time on the comissions. Sometimes it’s hard, because the most of them are different. It’s really exciting to draw different themes but It can be exhausting to jump from one subject into the other one.

In December I was able to buy a new tablet (Wacom Intous), plus I changed drawing program (Paint Tool Sai), what are a really big innovation for me. They’re fantastic together and I can be more effective. In the perspective of the comissions, it’s really adventageous. I hope I’m geting closer where my hobby will be my full time job. Honestly, this is my only job yet, but I would like to extend my stuffs. I want to a show lot of things, and I have short and long distance goals as well. In fact, I’m glad I have plans at least. I don’t have high aims, but if I could reach them, it would make me so happy.

I didn’t want to go too far with the planning, so first I want to do only one thing, and that’s to finish the Rayman and the Gate of the Moon comic. It goes really slow, but I decided not to care about the pace. In the last few years I broke off too much thing, and it would be a big step ahead if I could finish it. I’m still only at part 3, and I still want a few more. The main title is linked to the finale tightly. You can see the comic in my gallery. Before you start, I would like to ask, please be gentle. My english is bad, with full of misspellings, but beside these I hope you can enjoy it.

Here’s the newest page.
Rayman and the Gate of the Moon - Ch3 Pg44 by Zummeng
The reason why I show it in this journal, is that it’s the final version of the style. I want all of the future pages colored, but it depends on my free time. I felt I had to tell this, mainly for those who read the whole thing. But I have to say something else, what I couldn’t formulate before. I wanted a fanart comic, but I know I went too far. It’s incorrect to say it’s a real fanart, because the similarities are really minimal I think. As time passed, the characters turned more and more into my expressive devices, and sticking to the written/unwritten rules of the fanarts blocked my artistic freedom. I’m pleased with the current form. I will accept any critic, because every critic is a good critic if it’s constructive. I really want to get better, but sometimes I fail to see the bad/good sides of my works.

Well, I think I made up for the last few months for not writing any journal, so thanks for the patience.

  • Mood: Miserable
Sketch dump 3 by Zummeng
Sketch dump 3
You can see how I redesigned Rayman. I take the responsibilty for my actions.

Wereteensies final design by Zummeng
Wereteensies final design
As the title says, these are the final design for the two wereteensies. I think it's enough reference about the differences. In the story the good guy (left) fights with the bad guy (right), that's simple. The bad guy has two dentures, I just don't know how much is it visible.
Rayman and the Gate of the Moon - Ch3 Pg44 by Zummeng
Rayman and the Gate of the Moon - Ch3 Pg44
The first colored page since I started the comic. I hope you like it.

Sorry for the lot of blood.


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MingRaine Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
I'm probably random, but just wanted to throw in a few cents. Seldom do I find people who are as good as you are, and honestly, the art you create looks like a true professional animator's work.
It's corny, what I'm saying, but sometimes I just feel people need to know how great they are, even if they are already aware of it ^^
Zummeng Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The random things what I love the most.
I really like what I do, and thank you how you think about my creations.
I think I'm far from the professionals, because I'm really disorgenized and vehement about feelings and I don't have enermous goals. Sorry if I took this too seriously, but usually I'm emberassed because of honourable mentions. ^^;
MingRaine Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
One doesn't need enourmous goals or organization to be like a professionalist. And feelings? No matter what they are, they are the magic of art ;) What matters is that you love making art, and devote yourself to becoming better. As long as it is what you wanna do, you're a pro.
And by all means, don't we all take matters seriously when it comes to something we love? In this case, art! ;)
Kalangomon Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy new year!

all the best, for you and your family, happy 2015 friend! ^.-.^ :D
Kalangomon Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Merry Christmas ^.-.^ :D
all the best ^.-.^ :)
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