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Eoghan by Zummeng
Let my friend introduce one of his own awesome character. Eoghan belongs :iconshirakei:

" Eoghan Ithir-Carraigh,the irish, is a stoic. Psychologically. He sees little point in being the center of attention and is happy to care about no more than his close friends. You should however not be lured to believe that he's inactive. His passion for martial arts movies is so great that he made up his own brand of fighting moves, backed by a steely discipline and a focused mind,in the image of his all-time idol Bruce Lee. Even though he is now able of impressive martial feats, he hardly ever thinks about fighting. No,nights out are for drowning oneself in Odin's greatest gift, after heavy metal: good beer! Those who scrape further than that would find a dreamy and instense personality,which while disinterested in common grimness and routine,upholds values and principles as the very essence of what is sacred. Eoghan has few friends,but is loyal to the death,and reveals himself to be a treasure trove of honour,dedication and determination. No promise is too insignificant to be fulfilled,and no effort is too great for a good cause. That's Eoghan. It was said that his left ear smells of bear. This is a tenacious urban legend."
Da gnoll by Zummeng
Da gnoll
Sirthas belongs to :iconshirakei:

Let my friend introduce one of his own awesome character.

"Sirthas the gnoll hails from the realm of the Pathfinder board game. But more precisely,somewhere in South Katapesh. You don't need to know more. Maybe he also wouldn't remember or really cares. I don't know,go ask him. Contemplative, the ever-relaxed monster-hyena-guy is content to observe events unravel from out of the spotlight,up until he's directly concerned; at which point he proves either very lively or very deadly. While he takes most things with detachment and a pinch of gnollish humour,his constant, slightly unsettling grin should not be taken as a guarantee of really anything: a big teethy smile could mean a lot of things from bad to good to just grinning for the sake of grinning. Despite this,Sirthas is able to appreciate the company of those who can respect his ways,or understand his flexible outlook on life,and he may behave more eagerly around such individuals, showing the playful side of his personality. On the other hand, he'd quickly get annoyed by self-righteous,narrow-minded zealots that refuse to appreciate the world (and him) the way it is. For Sirthas's biggest love, even above bloody carnage and fights,tasty meat and comfy rest, is the exploration of the vast, colourful universe. He likes nothing more than travelling and exploring,experiencing and discovering, and might find his fun anywhere and in anything. And start some mayhem meanwhile. You gotta your the feet on earth. And as far as a gnoll is concerned,that means carnage,meat and sleep,though Sirthas is a bit of an odd one out,as he understands temperance. When you know actual,average gnolls this sounds really far-fetched but there he is. Sirthas understands that things have value only when they are balanced;even excesses. As an added embarassment for his kin he lacks the incredible amount of aggressivity his monstrous race proudly exhibits. Although he,like any respectable gnoll,enjoys smashing his enemies' skulls and eating them still dresh, Sirthas the gnoll sees little point in evil for evil's sake. He is quite relaxed on the issue of morality and doesn't feel one particular way or another: he simply does what he likes and what feels right. He is so tame that he's almost tolerable to other races. An issue he doesn't really care about because other,common races are boring. He wants to see centaurs,one day. To finish in estranging himself Sirthas wears PANTS. Thanksfully, he still has no table manners...For now. Axe in the hand (his favourite item ever), pants' belts buckled up and his craving for lollipops satiated, Sirthas is ready to get out and do stupid hyena things. He's slapping my head repeatedly telling me my description is too long, but it's not my fault I really care about my Pathfinder characters and I want a good roleplay performance. He tells me he's going to take a bath in a priest of nature's sacred pond. The same priest who requested me to make up this whole description. But honestly I don't know what's the need because his "delicate hyena musk" usually tips you off... just keep him fed and laugh at his jokes okay?"
Lukura king by Zummeng
Lukura king

Before I started the comission business two or three years ago, I adored to create monters and other unidentifiable fantasy-like creatures. It makes me sad that compared to that how special this topic is for me, I quite rarely draw similar things. I forgot how much spiritual freedom it means to me.  

This character is part of an upcoming story that I would like to present in the next year, if my things go well.

Demon Shepherd - PG 3
I changed the title, from "Broken Sword" because the plot will have nothing to do with the sword. I think a sort of a story is starting to take shape. We will see it.

I would like to continue my fanart comic, but I don't know yet how I could countinue it. I try to do what I have ideas to, so maybe I can avoid art blocks.

Demon Shepherd - PG 1-2 by Zummeng
I’m very greatful for the lot of empathy I got from you guys in this difficult period in my life. I hope with a far hug and an honest thank you I can partly return your kindness. I feel better now, but I’m still emotionally exhausted, and as follows terribly difficult to accomplish in creative things. When I had affinity to draw myself I tried to resolve some stress by making sketchy comic pages. It’s a quite spontaneous work, everything is random in it. I can’t decide yet if it will have continuation. The content is moderate gore, so I don’t recommend for those who have revulsion reagding the theme.

Demon Shepherd - PG 1-2 by Zummeng

That little comic is part of my self-expression, but not the blood in connection with. I could have drawn a crying character who’s sitting in the corner or any depression suggestive images, but this would have been too rational method  for me to express my emotions.

To be honest, I adore to draw comics, despite that isn’t too visible.

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Ariade Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I still love your expressions :)
Little-Whisper Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Wello cute artist! You have such an adorable way to draw and show off expressions :heart: :happybounce:
A7XSparx Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is seriously amazing O-O I love your character designs and your style. Keep up the fabulous work :heart:
SerafinaPekela Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Question: Do you intend to upload the next RatGofM pages all at once? I'm just a tad curious,plus I ADORE your comic! Maybe it's just my love for turning characters into monsters or mutants or some jiz like that... XD

Keep up the awesome work!
Zummeng Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll upload two or three pages, it depends on my my lazyness ^^;;;;;;
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